Message to the Black Man in the New Millennium

Message to the Black Man is an article series designed to bring consciousness to the Black community and inspire change in African American people, particularly Black men. Though many people will likely find the articles interesting and enlightening they are targeted to Black people to inspire Black people to bring about cultural change in their own communities.

These articles are also designed to address the Black community in a specific time period. The obstacles that we face as Black people, though not new, present unique challenges and opportunities in a new age. The changes that we need must be met with new millennium solutions with new millennium generations in mind.

Inspiring personal change is a difficult task alone, in respect, inspiring real cultural change is a mountainous feat. Achieving mass cultural change requires divine-level intervention, however, accomplishing that goal is exactly what God put on my heart to do. My life purpose is to help change the course of history for Black people in America and around the world.

There is nothing more important to me than seeing Black people be the best that they can be as a collection of individuals and communities. We are at a critical point in our history. I don’t want Black people to aim to return to a particular status quo. I want Black people to create a degree of unity and prosperity that has never been seen before in our history- to be a new example to the world.

I will provide insight on historical facts. I will expose weaknesses in our culture that work as obstacles to our advancement. I will provide solutions to common problems. I will call on every member and leader of the Black community to stand up and be accountable for the advancement of our race.

The information shared in these articles are my opinions based on personal experience and research. Some of them may not be politically correct. When they are not as sensible as you would like them to be, I ask that you consider that they are designed to activate thought, challenge the status quo, and create a mass awakening. I won’t use kid gloves often because I think the need for honesty outweighs the need for euphemism. Instead of holding me accountable to appealing to sensibilities, I beg, hold me accountable to the truth. Honesty is my ultimate measuring stick- being pure at heart in the information I provide and to the mission that I have been charged with.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the Message to the Black Man Article Series. I hope you are able to use my words to bring about deep circumspect and positive change in the Black community.


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